Courtney Jolliffe, Manager of Stadium Operations

How long have you worked for the Jays organization?

A little over 3 years, I started the opening week of the 2019 season in the same position.

What drew you to want to work here?

This particular role is a good hybrid of previous work that I’ve done, it’s a really nice melding of things I love with managing people and it’s very logistics heavy. I’m a big fan love sports and events, there’s something about that atmosphere and being able to escape reality for a bit that’s really exciting. To be able to help with creating that space for not only our fans but our staff means a lot.

What is it like being in this environment and this kind of team? What keeps you coming back?

It’s a lot fun! A lot of hard work. But balance between the two. Consumes a lot of time because of the hours but there’s a shared joy in what we do. It’s a wonderful atmosphere with people that want to be here and be there for the fans.

Favourite/most fulfilling part of your job?

Getting to work with staff. I have the rare opportunity to help people when they’re really young and first starting to work and give them a window into the industry, coach them through any challenges and watching them grow in their roles. I love coaching! (laughs)

Favourite Jays moment?

I know a lot of people will say the postseason runs of the 2015/2016 seasons, but for me it was being in Florida last year. In hindsight, I see how unique the experience was in Dunedin and it was really magical. I remember one night, there was a staff member that bought tickets after work and I got to sit with him for a bit and experience that intimate atmosphere of this small ballpark as a fan. We were sitting just a few feet away from the bullpen.

Fun fact about your job that people wouldn’t know?

I get to see the different facets of human behaviour (laughs). It’s like a big social experiment every game and I get to see the difference with how people were before the pandemic and after.

What do you look for when interviewing applicants that want to work with your team?

I look after the usher/gate staff - I’m looking for positive energy, problem solving skills, people that aren’t afraid to try new things and take chances. They’re willing to make mistakes and learn from them.

Most memorable/recent fan interaction moment?

In Buffalo, there was a fan collecting card stock tickets from all the parks he’s been to. It was a unique opportunity for him to see the Jays at Sahlen Field and he asked if there was any way to get one ticket on that stock. He left his information with us and we reached out to him with the ticket. It was something nice and easy for us to do, and it made the fan’s day and create a solid memory for him.

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