Jamie Campbell, Sportsnet Broadcaster

How long have you worked with Sportsnet?

Since September 15th, 1998. I was a late night anchor on the very first Sports Central (that would go on to become Sportsnet Central today). 2005 was my first season working with the Jays.

What drew you to want to work there?

I was recruited to come to Sportsnet when the network was getting ready to launch. I’ve had the desire to be in broadcasting since I was 10/11 and I knew it was always something I wanted to do.

What is it like being in this environment and this kind of team? What keeps you coming back?

I’m very fortunate to work with a group of people who are exceptional at their jobs and very knowledgeable about the game of baseball. Baseball lends itself to familiarity and I’m proud to be with such a reputable team with so familiarity to the game. Joe, Dan, Buck, Pat, Hazel - everyone. It’s a big thrill to come to the stadium and get paid to watch baseball (laughs).

Favourite/most fulfilling part of your job?

Fulfilling - I never climb into the car wishing I didn’t have to go to work. But more importantly, the platform my role gives me to impact peoples lives in some way. Not just by appearing on their screens, sometimes you can make someone’s day by simply reaching out to them and acknowledging them. The intersection of people’s personal lives with my own is one of my favourite aspects.

Favourite Jays moment?

I’ve been watching the Jays since I was 15. The final out of the ‘92 World Series was so significant for me. I’ve loved the team since they were founded and to see them win, there’s something about that moment that will always be unforgettable.

Fun fact about your job that people wouldn’t know?

I brush my teeth right before every broadcast, I’ve always thought that maybe a clean mouth produces clean words. Also, as a hobby, I’ve been doing portrait photography of baseball players in the form of player cards. I have over a thousand of them.

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