Mustafa "Moose" Hassan, Manager of Home Clubhouse Operations

How long have you worked for the Jays organization?

I started at 21 as a bat boy. Worked up to ball boy, then clubhouse assistant. I’ve been the Clubhouse operations manager for 17 years. I used to do my homework when the games were finished and my mom would pick me up from the stadium (laughs).

What drew you to want to work here?

I played sports all my life - ball hockey, box ball (similar to baseball with a box representing a strike zone drawn on a wall behind the batter). I loved baseball since I was a kid so being a part of this environment made sense.

What is it like being in this environment and this kind of team? What keeps you coming back?

We’re a community here, like a family. I spend more time here than home. I like being able to work with and learn from everyone here. Being a big part of the game of baseball means a lot too.

Favourite/most fulfilling part of your job?

Being that one person out of the 38 million people in this country to have this job, being able to take care of the players on and off the field is unique and very fulfilling too.

Favourite Jays moment?

I remember being in the stadium and watching Roy Halladay’s one-hitter. I really liked being in Buffalo and Dunedin the past two seasons and making the playoffs that first year in Buffalo. It was great getting to collaborate with so many different people at the different parks. But being able to come back home after over 2 years meant everything.

Fun fact about your job that people wouldn’t know?

The music! Music in the clubhouse is fun, so many different cultures and so many different styles of music (Latino, reggaeton, salsa, hard rock, hip-hop). The next song is always something different.

What are your hours usually like? One of the first in, last out?

Depends on how long game is. After our last game, we were here until a bit after 1AM and we had to be back this morning for 10AM. But yes, usually first in, last out.

Do you ever let the players indulge in any foods or snacks they maybe shouldn’t have?

Not really (laughs), it’s a pretty healthy team. People are very mindful of what they put in their bodies. We have cheat day every now and then when we get like pizza or something but it’s usually fruits, vegetables, water or Gatorade to drink.

How many bags of sunflower seeds do you think you go through in a game?

(Laughs) Depends on the game. If the team hits a home run and Teoscar’s there, a whole box. But at least 2 dozen for a regular game.

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